From bits to devices, security made feasible!


Our security architects and subject matter experts have more than two decades of experience in the design and development of advanced security solutions. Our know-how combined with best practices formed the chain of strength applied to different projects starting from a single chip and extended to (semi) infinite number of devices forming the whole chain.

Securing the IoT


The growth of network connected devices, systems, and services comprising the Internet of Things (IoT) create immense opportunities and benefits for our society. IoT security, however, has not kept up with the rapid pace of innovation and deployment, creating substantial safety and economic risks. Many of the vulnerabilities in IoT could be mitigated through recognized security best practices, but too many products today do not incorporate even basic security measures.


We, at Euro-Smartict, are using the following principles to address and solve the IoT security challenges:

  • Incorporate Security at the Design Phase
  • Build on Proven Security Practices
  • Prioritize Security Measures According to Potential Impact


Euro-Smartiot Suite


As a result of the above, our architects and subject matter experts have created the Euro-Smartiot Suite, an embedded security software solution running on the MULTOS(TM) IoT Trust Anchor providing advanced authentication and secure access to IoT devices deployed on the network.


The image below shows the location of these applications within the eco system.

Contact us for more information about these applications and their applicatibity to your IoT projects.



We are the experts in the advanced authentication solutions domain delivering the know-how, services and solutions to secure and ensure the continuity of your businesses.


Our proven solution technology, used in combination with our subject matter experts, has provided significant value to the World's First Biometric Border Control, one of Europe's Largest Internet Banking Channels and the most innovative National Identity Card in the Middle East.


Euro-Smartict is a member of the MULTOS(TM) consortium.



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