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Our architects and consultants are specialized in information security and offer software solutions and consultancy services that integrate seamlessly in a given business environment. We have addressed advanced security issues and implemented their solutions in major banks, government and commercial organizations. Our offer covers the following areas:

Vision & Strategy


Utilizing our experience, our know-how and best practices in the field of information security, we help organizations in turning their ideas into realities. We do that in close collaboration with our clients to setup and streamline their vision and strategy into workable solutions.

Risk Analysis, Security Policy, Measures and Architecture


Security standards are prescriptive guidance for organizations and their systems; these should be backed by reusable services. It is no longer acceptable for enterprise security to exclusively function as an arbiter; security in the enterprise needs architecture and design advocates, and backing at runtime. Security policy and standards are not end goals in themselves, they need to be backed by a governance model that ensures they are in use, and that it is practically possible to build, deploy, and operate based on system’s intent.

We, at Euro-Smartict Information Security, examine the organization’s processes and analyze their security & risks; we define security policies, measures and architectures.

Requirements & Vendors Proposal Evaluation


Clients make use of our services to assist them in defining their requirements for proposal (RFP), vendors’ proposals evaluation and vendor selection.

Security Services & Tailor Made Products


As an advanced authentication solutions provider and a niche player in the security domain, Euro-Smartict has a wide range of products and solutions that implement and shorten the time to realization of organizations security services covering the following areas:


  • Identification & Authentication Framework
  • Smart cards & Biometric Framework
  • NFC & Mobile Security Framework
  • e-ID & e-Passport Framework

Authentication Services


Euro-Smartict provides off-the-shelves authentication services and products such as smart card tokens and mobile tokens to (strong) authenticate users who are willing to gain logical or physical access to organizations domains and premises.

Examples of security services that are based on our products are:


  • Internet and Mobile banking and brokerage services
  • Access to organizations’ Intranet and portals
  • Border access control and inspection systems
  • e-Services and e-Voting
  • Other on-demand authentication services



We are the experts in the advanced authentication solutions domain delivering the know-how, services and solutions to secure and ensure the continuity of your businesses.


Our proven solution technology, used in combination with our subject matter experts, has provided significant value to the World's First Biometric Border Control, one of Europe's Largest Internet Banking Channels and the most innovative National Identity Card in the Middle East.


Euro-Smartict is a member of the MULTOS(TM) consortium.



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